Well, I finally committed. Sort of.

As I’ve been working on some much-delayed photo editing today, I have returned to my long-procrastinated idea of starting a blog to share my birding adventures. Something less personal than Facebook and as public as Flickr, but where I can better incorporate comments or stories with my images. I will still continue to utilize the other two as well, and we’ll see how this blog experiment works out. As I muddle through setting the site up, this simple little post gives me something to look at other than a blank page. Yay! More to come in the next couple of days. If you stumble upon this before it’s done, please do check back!


PS – Here are some pictures so I can test some themes. Enjoy!


2014-02-23 Leucistic Song Sparrow 1

2014-03-23 Oregon Junco

2014-03-23 Slate Colored Junco

6 thoughts on “Well, I finally committed. Sort of.

  1. Wow! What a great start to a wonderful blog! I can see how you identified my little birdie shot from my recent trip to the Oregon Zoo. You posted a picture of the female dark-eyed junco on your very first post. Thanks for blogging and for your wonderful collection of bird photographs.

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    • Thanks so much for taking some time to visit, Bob, and your kind words. I really enjoy sharing some of the wonderful birds I see. If you have any other unknown birdies show up in your images, I’d be glad to help with other IDs. 🙂


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