Hi there! I’m the PDXBirdNird, known more familiarly as Cat to my friends. I’m a gal from Portland, Oregon, who happens to have a bit of a thing about birds. Over the last few years, what began as a hobby of bird watching from the living room window expanded into a passion for birding as well as nature photography. That then grew into a love for hiking and backpacking around the region. As I get out & about the local area (which could really be anywhere in the Pacific Northwest), I enjoy capturing the birds and other amazing sights I see in order to share them with others. Unless otherwise noted, images are captured with a Nikon D5100 (although the ever-handy iPhone may make contributions as well). Minimal processing is done, in an attempt to preserve the authenticity of each experience.

You can check out more of my pictures on my Flickr Feed or my National Geographic Your Shot page.

Have a question about something that has been posted? Know a fantastic location for birding you would like to share? Other random questions burning to be answered? Feel free to send feedback!

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