Returning from migration…

Oregon Forest in Spring

My life became dominated over the last 18 months by new hobbies of hiking and backpacking, so my bird blog took a break – but now that my hobbies are coming into balance, it’s time to revisit and revive it with an expanded purpose. I thought I would start with a brief update.

As it turns out, all of my exploration in search of birds – camera in hand – began to bring into focus a love of the outdoors that I have always had but never pursued in any meaningful way. The trails were tough, but I wanted to explore further and lacked the endurance – so I sought out more challenging trails and took up running as a means of training. I got a pack and loaded it up with gear, but the camera was heavy and often left at home (plus, I was too concerned I would drop it!). Eventually my explorations took me far enough I started staying out overnight – and I brought a wonderful new companion into my life to share in these adventures. Bailey the Outdoor Adventure Dog joins me frequently, and has learned to stand patiently (most of the time) as I am taking photos.

Bailey the Outdoor Adventure Dog

I am going to make a point of taking my camera with me more often once again. I miss photography a great deal, and am finally to a point where I feel I can migrate back to this hobby and combine it with my outdoor treks. Hopefully others will enjoy a peek into my adventures!

As always, you can visit my Flickr site for more images from my trips and comments are definitely welcome.

Hawks at Badger Creek

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